Theatre at our højskole is for you, who have an actor within you – or for you, who just want to escape your comfort zone and test out personal limits. Theatre is a world full of possibilities!

It is hard work when you undergo theatre coaching at the theatre line, where you and your creativity are in focus. Creating a strong character, physical training, play, improvisation and text work are all the basic elements in your training to become an extraordinary actor.

You do not need any special qualifications to choose theater with us. But our theater line can be a good stepping stone, if you are considering becoming a professional actor or if you have a dream of enrolling in drama school.

It's both fun and challenging to be a student at the theatre line at our folk high school. From day one, the main focus will be you and the creative process.

Choosing theatre as a main subject, you will find yourself in hot water, standing on stage alone and in front of others. In return, you will be introduced to techniques that will help you handle the uncomfortable situations, and we will work on removing the safety net, so you can find foothold on stage.

The teaching in theatre is generally broad perspective, both technically and physically, as well as improvising.

During the course we invite professionals and well-known and experienced actors to stop by and share their experiences and methods in form of workshops and lectures.

Theatre School
– Course Topics


When we put up theatre plays, we involve all the necessary elements a theatre is based on: set design, makeup, costumes, lights and sound. Everything has to be of the highest quality to achieve the best performance. During your stay you will meet up with famous actors who will tell you about their work, methods and experiences.


We teach in general, at different levels. So whether you only know a little or are very experienced when you attend the school, you will receive lessons that correspond to your level.


The theatre line is in Danish.


To act out a role as a person on stage, you will work intensely with your abilities to transform yourself into your given character. You will work to polish up your senses, use your fantasy and your body. You will not be alone! We will emphasize in developing your abilities and desire to become a member of a theatrical company.


During your stay you will take part in 2 or 3 theatre play and you will get to tour and perform in front af a bigger audinece. It’s fun to be on tour. In the theater industry, it is natural to tour and perform numerous performances in a few days. We will of course also do a tour during your stay and try to get out in front of an audience and share what we are working on at the school.


The practical work on stage is connected with theory. Therefore you will be given goal-oriented education in theory, theatre history and analyzing text.


During your stay it is possible to recieve solo lessons in acting by paying extra. Our highly educated teachers are always ready to give you solo lessons.


Theatre consists of many essential parts. Whatever genre we choose for the play, we include these parts. Like scenography, the room, masks, costumes, lights and sounds. Everything must come together, and we put every ounce of energy into creating the best performance.

The teacher in Theatre

Brian Lyrsholt
Finn Hesselager
Marie Louise Wille

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